Luke Weil – Professional Snowboarder

Luke Weil is a professional snowboarder from Colorado. Born on January 26, 1986,
from an early age Luke would take to the slopes in the hopes of one day making a career
out of his passion. Competing in many local and amateur events throughout his teenage
years, after graduating high school Luke registered for the 2007 Nationals at Northstar in
hopes of breaking into the professional ranks. Unfortunately, during a practice run, Luke
suffered an ankle injury and had to withdraw from the competition. Failing to deter him,
Luke swiftly recovered and was back on his snowboard in no time.

In 2009 after honing his craft for many years, Luke decided to compile video footage of
his best performances in the hopes of gaining a sponsor. Luckily for him, K2 – a major
manufacturer of skis, helmets and poles – saw promise in young Luke and offered him
a sponsorship deal. Finally, Luke had realized his dream. With his new sponsor, Luke
was able to compete in competitions throughout the world including the Ticket to Ride
(World Snowboard Tour) and several USASA events.

Luke’s hero is Shaun White. Admiring his contributions to the snowboarding world
both on the slopes and off, Luke aspires to be as successful as his teenage idol someday.
Luke’s ultimate goal is to travel to Russia to compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics
for Team USA. Currently residing near Aspen, Colorado, Luke is determined to train
diligently and focus in on achieving his life-long aspiration of winning Olympic Gold.

In his free time, Luke enjoys nature hikes, swimming and spending time with his friends
and family. He also recently had the esteemed honor of graduating from Colorado State
University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications.